Welcome to the Yellow Canaries Network!

Yellow canaries were once used in mines as an early warning system. They are very sensitive to bad air. If the canaries stopped singing the miners knew the air was unsafe and could get out of the mine. Burn-out, allergy and hypersensitivity are on the increase. People who have been healthy all their lives can unexpectedly be hit by strange complaints and illnesses like fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity and chronic fatigue syndrome. Are these people the yellow canaries of our time?

Present day environmental problems are a real threat and changes need to be made. But environmental threats are not all about our external environment, global warming and industrial emissions. It is also about our personal health and future. The good news is that it is relatively easy to affect and protect our inner or personal environment.

Yellow-canaries.com is all about simple decisive changes that you can take step by step. You can take a look at your own reality – way before it’s too late to listen to the yellow canaries…