Active Protection

Considering the extent of environmental toxins that surround us today, our ability to cleanse or detoxify is of vital importance to our health. This ability protects you and can work throughout your life. If one of your cleansing organs becomes overloaded or stops working as well, the other detoxifying organs has to carry a greater load. This can lead to an overload on all of your cleansing organs. This is why it’s so important to regularly support this function.

It is much easier to protect your health than to regain lost health. It is also difficult to discover the source of environmental stress once you're already stressed or sick. An active environmental protection is so important. By lowering your environmental load you can lower the physical stress on your body - you don’t have to wait till you burn out.

The following five steps give your cleansing organs a careful but effective stimulation and should be a part of your daily program to activate your environmental protection. You can of course support this with a detox program to reduce the environmental toxins in your body as described in swedish in the book Kanariefåglarna ryter (Yellow canary alert). It is wise to activate your environmental protection daily for the rest of your life.


Every time you breathe in your lungs fill with oxygen. They also fill with all the environmental toxins that circulate in the air you breathe. The lungs secrete carbon dioxide and waste products every time you breathe out. Of all the detoxifying organs the lungs are most exposed to our environment. Gases are absorbed through the cell membrane and filtered via the blood to all the cells in the whole body.

Air your home and work area daily. Take a few minutes at every break or before every meal to take ten deep breaths. Choose a place where there is fresh air, a place free from computers, printers, fax exhaust or cigarette smoke.


Our outer "layer" or skin is a porous layer of tightly packed cells. Toxic substances are transported via the blood and lymph. They are stored in fatty deposits just under the skins surface until they are secreted via the pores. Rubbing the skin, exercise, massage, lymph drainage therapy and cleansing herbs stimulate cleansing via the skin. Start by giving your legs and arms a simple massage before you go to bed. It stimulates the circulation to the capillaries and the lymph, so start carefully. The heart is a pump that circulates the blood but the lymphatic network is driven by muscle movement. That is why exercise or skin stimulation is so important as it helps to avoid lymph stagnation.

Use a terry cloth – or massage glove. Start with a foot and draw the glove upwards towards your heart with a light pressure. Massage your leg, groin and body upwards towards your heart. Repeat the process for your other leg, and then your arms. Be careful not to intensify this by rubbing deeply until you see how you react.
People who don’t move around much often carry a lot of toxins. Dry brushing increases the circulation of the lymph and starts the toxins moving, an increased drainage and a temporary increase in detoxifying symptoms like headache, tiredness, fatigue or nasal congestion. With increased exercise or dry brushing you are supporting healthier skin, lymph and immune system.


The kidneys regulate the body’s pH, fluid balance and calcium metabolism. The kidneys are kept clean by means of millions of small detox centers called nefrons. 25 percent of the blood is filtered through the kidneys along with slaggprodukter, toxins and any drugs you take. Abou 0,1 percent of the blood that filters through is convert to urine and passes out through the urinary tract.

Cranberry concentrate

2 cups of cranberries – frozen or fresh
2 cups of water

Mix together for a few minutes till the cranberries are ground and you have a cranberry concentrate. Sieve this if you like, or store as is in a glass container in the refrigerator. Cranberries have a natural antibiotic property and this concentrate keeps well in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks.

Drink a glass of water with one or two tablespoons of unsweetened cranberry concentrate every morning and before you go to sleep. If you like you can take the edge off the sourness by adding a little stevia, a herbal sweetener. Cranberries help to clean out the toxic wastes that accumulate in the body and lymphatic system. It also lowers the pH-level in the urine and reduces bacteria that can cause a bladder infection.


The intestines handle about 25 000 kilos of food during a lifetime. The intestines are one of the main areas where the body has to deal with allergic substances and environmental toxins. The mucous membrane in the stomach and intestine is 200 times larger than the whole outer surface of the body and is therefore sensitive to exposure for toxins. After the digestive process is complete the remains pass through the large intestine where reabsorption takes place including toxic waste. This means that you can expect to pass at least one or two bowel movements per day, if not there is greater risk of reabsorption. The intestine’s role in the detoxification process is vital. If you don’t have at least one bowel movement per day, or if you have to strain, its time to do something about the situation. One of the causes can be too much protein or too little fibre in the diet.

Increase portions of vegetables, fruit, beans, lentils and whole grains, or mix a tablespoon of flax seed or psyllium seed husks in your porrage or breakfast cereal. Alternatively combine it with your cranberry drink morning and evening as suggested in the book The Fat Flush Plan by Louise Gittelman.


The liver is vital carrying out more functions than any other organ. Biotransformation of environmental toxins is primarily carried out here. The liver has three detoxification systems that can easily be overloaded: the cytochrome P450 enzyme system, bile and the Kupffer cells. These detoxify chemicals and even handle recycled toxic waste from the large intestine. This is how you can support the liver’s function of detoxification: 

Drink two glasses of lemon water daily. Mix one tablespoon squeezed lemon into an 8 oz glass of water. Drink one glass in the middle of the morning and one in the middle of the afternoon or, if it’s easier to remember, ten minutes before you begin each meal.