The symptoms of environmental overload are diffuse and hard to diagnose. The reactions wear off which can be a sign of ” sensitization”, which is the process the body goes through when getting used to any substance. At least we think we get used to it. This is probably the reason why we don’t often connect the original cause to new symptoms of tiredness, fatigue, burning skin or a lack of ability to concentrate.
If we continue to be exposed to the same toxin, this “hidden” allergy can get worse, the allergies increase and this affects our health. In the end you get a situation where a minute amount of environmental toxin creates a comprehensive allergic reaction – reacting uncontrollably to everything. This is the condition that many of the people who are present day “yellow canaries”.

We need to:

  • Understand the risks – and avoid them
  • Use less foreign chemicals
  • Remove harmful chemicals from our environment
  • Cleanse our bodies of foreign chemicals and other toxins
  • Lobby for better control of the use of synthetic chemicals.

Daily exposure to environmental toxins
Stores: pesticide residues on clothes, formaldehyde, chemicals used for cleaning.
Work: computors, fax machines, office supplies, copying machine, cellphone and other electromagnetic radiation, perfume and toiletries.
Work place: outgasing from building materials, indoor air pollutants, office furniture, cleaning materials.
Other: dust, animal dander, mites, mildew, mould, pollen and terpenes from plants and tobacco-smoke.
Shower: chlorine gas and water pollution; chemicals in soap, shampoo and conditioner.
Clothes: dry-cleaning remains, detergent, softeners.
Mealtimes: pesticides, additives.
Travel: exhaust, ground level ozone.
Toiletries: deodorant, lotion, hair spray, cosmetics, perfume.
Water: diverse harmful chemicals, biological pollution, pharmaceuticals.

Detoxification capacity
Our bodies handle the cleansing process every day without any assistance from us. We don’t even know it’s going on. But this natural cleansing process may work well, less well or right out badly. More and more people are having problems with detoxification and lack the essential enzymes and nutrition inherent in the process. This may be caused by a combination of constant exposure to environmental toxins that in turn lead to an overload in the detoxification organs. But it is possible to achieve a comprehensive detoxification and regain optimal health with one or two simple detox methods. This is perfectly possible for those with both large and small health problems.

It is possible to regain your health by optimizing the detox ability daily by taking food supplements rich in antioxidants and avoiding contact with unnecessary foreign chemicals.
It is also possible to activate a stronger environmental protection and prevent chemical sensitivity by taking cleansing supplements daily, for instance alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, glycine, vitamins A, C and E and other antioxidants. The best thing to do is use a complex antioxidant supplement or use a programme designed for detoxification under the guidance of a help of a health care professional.
Discover how to support the cleansing process naturally and activate your environmental protection by starting to follow the suggestions that can be found under Active protection.

Support during detox
It is unusual to understand the negative effects of environmental chemical, radiation or toxic metals poisoning within the health care system. That is unless the problem is acute poisoning, for instance after an accident at a chemical plant or fire. Veery few cleansing methods are practiced within traditional medicine. In fact the use of pharmaceuticals can be a contributing factor. Of course diets and exercise are recommended occasionally, but is not seen to be a regular part of the health care system at the moment. There are few doctors capable of helping a person detoxify using antioxidants, though many, due to lack of knowledge, either consider food supplements to be ineffective or directly harmful to health.

If you need to contact a health care practitioner to support you through detoxification, try looking for a naturopath, nutritional practitioner first. See Links/Professional support