Starting a Family

We all know that life begins when a man's sperm penetrates a womans egg creating a fetus. According to the laws of nature a woman is born with all the eggs that she can secrete in life. The number and quality of these eggs are not affected by the woman's lifestyle though they are affected by her parents' genes, environment and health before she herself became a fetus.
Whether or not the eggs become available, if they are secreted or not and if a fertilised egg attaches to the womb and develops is on the other hand determined by the womans health, lifestyle and environment. Here are some tips though more detailed information can be found in the swedish book Kanariefåglarna ryter (Yellow Canary Alert).
Fertility and chemicals
A 30 year old in Manchester explains that over 70 percent of his  friends who are around the same age and who long to become parents are unable to do so. Infertility amongst yound couples isn't normal, but it is certainly becoming more prevalent. Most of us probably know several couples who have tried test-tube (in vitro) fertilization, but ten or twenty years ago this was unusual.
Young couples who have been unable to have children would do well to check if their detox ability is functioning optimally and if their nutritional levels are optimal. Maybe an improved diet, one year's intake of food supplements that support natural detoxification, can change the outcome.

The future
The people who win the most from a strong environmental protection are our children. They are our future, and they are the ones who will carry the human race forward. We need to take our responsibility and provide our children with the tools they need for the future. Keep your child's life as free from plastic and harmful chemicals as possible. Use a ceramic or stainless steel bowl or plates and stainless, steel, silver or bamboo spoons or other utensils. Cook in stainless steel or iron pots and avoid Teflon. Cook on the stove or in the oven - and get rid of your microwave oven. Microwaves change the structure of proteins and plastic has been shown to leach estrogen-like chemicals into food while heating. Teach your child to wash his or her hands after play and always before eating - to get rid of any unecessary chemicals. Choose skin care products that don't contain perfume (all contain carcinogenic phthalates) the preservatives called parabens or BPA another harmful chemical. Check under links for skin care before going to the store! 
Detoxification has to become a part of our consciousness and daily life. Detoxifiying saunas, herbs and food supplements make it possible for our bodies to reclaim health and even fertility.