The Story of Your Life

Research about the genome make it easier for us to understand our fundamental condition and the wonder of the human body. Knowledge of the ”genotype” oppens new possibilities.
But despite all this many people still doubt that it is possible to affect our genetic heritage. The belief that our characteristics are inborn and can’t be changed are firmly fixed in our ideas on health, aging and illness. If someone lives a long and healthy life we chalk it up to their genes. If someone dies of cancer at a young age we also blame the genes. But if a smoker dies young of lung cancer or someone dies early of alcohol related liver cirrhosis you can hardly blame their genes. In these cases their genes could have been expressed differently – given better conditions. According to Dr Jeffrey S. Bland, in his book Genetic Nutritioneering, 35% of our health is affected by our genes but 65% is affected by our choice of diet and our environment.


Genotype: The individual’s acquired characteristics irrespective of environmental influence.
Phenotype: The indivdual’s total physical, biochemical and physiological genetic and environmentally influenced characteristics – as opposed to those of the genotype.
Epigenome: Biochemical processes, that activate genes or make them active, and are carried from generation to generation.

The terms

Whatever your age today you can still change the terms of this experiment that is your life and affect the way it ends by changing the way your genes "express" themselves, according to Dr Bland. He says, “Science is on your side. You can be part of one of the greatest revaluations within our healthcare since the development of the concept of microbes, disease, antibiotics and immunization.” This is an exciting prospect and one well worth investigating further.

The public health system focuses on making diagnoses and has little interest in function or prevention. This philosophy is undergoing a radical reevaluation as a result of advances in molecular and genetic research. New opinions are being developed about our genes control of how our cells produce proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids and thousands of biochemicals – the substances that determine who we are by means of epigenetics. Our phenotype is the result of how our genes succeeded in “expressing” themselves. All this is affected by your lifestyle – what you eat and how you live.

The book of life

Your life is like a book. It hasn’t been finished yet. The characters, or genes, are changeable and are affected by many components in your life. So what do you want to stake your life on? Will your book be a tragedy, romance, drama or success? Learn how you can affect the result on this website.