Many question whether or not it is safe to eat fish.

The need for fish and its vital Omega-3 fatty acids and D-vitamiin, which is particuoarly important during the winter months, is discussed in many sections of

Now that spring is on its way it's time to plant some seeds. This is a perfect opportunity to do a little experiment on the effects of microwaves. Buy a bag of tomato seeds. Fill two plant pots with earth and plant a few seeds in each. Mark the pots "tap water" and "microwave water" and water them accordingly. Microwave the water for the "microwave" pot in advance and cool it before use, storing the water in a glass bottle. Give each of the pots enough water to keep them slightly damp during the coming days and weeks.

Vegetable nutrients are easily affected when cooked. It is better to steam than boil vegetables as nutrients leach into the water when boiled. But when broccoli is microwaved its antioxidant and estrogen balancing benefits are reduced even more than when it is boiled. Its indole content is reduced by 74% and its vitamin C content by 40% compared to that of raw broccoli. (Vallejo et al 2007)1

Main ingredients:

3 pieces of chicken (3 leg quarters with bone)
4 celery stalks - diced (reserve one stalk)
2 jalapenos - diced (or more)
2 medium sized onions - diced
3 large carrots - diced (reserve one carrot)
2 teaspoons himalaya or sea salt
½ teaspoon fresh cracked pepper
1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
4 tablespoons fresh rosemary, chopped
1/2 teaspoon cummin
4-6 whole 'cloves' of garlic - squeezed
2 large bay leaves - fresh or dried
6-8 cups of water

"Faced with the problem of dwindling productivity, scientists now fly a new banner to replace the moth eaten flag of the Green Revolution. They are boasting the colours of generic revolution. They promise to obtain by genetic modification fifteen tons of wheat or rice per hectare and 200 tons of maize. We are entitled to doubt this promise because soils by loosing their organic matter and biological activity are becoming the most limiting factor of plant production " from the book " Regenerating the Soil "   

The headline has been hard to ignore. Across the world press, news media have announced that over 1,500 farmers in the Indian state of Chattisgarh committed suicide. The motive has been blamed on farmers being crippled by overwhelming debt in the face of crop failure.

The leading global supplier of monosodium glutamate - MSG - and the sweetener aspartame, a proven neurotoxin and carcinogen, Ajinomoto Company Inc. is seeking approval from the the US food and drug administration FDA for their latest sweetener, yet another biochemical "taste-enhancer" called Advantame.

In mines of old, before the days of electronic safety alarms, canaries were used. When the canaries stopped singing, the miners knew that they had to get out: the air was no longer safe to breathe. Today, human canaries are falling ill. It’s time for us to heed this warning and seek safety, says Ingrid Franzon, nutrition practitioner from Sweden.