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Endocrine disrupting chemicals or EDCs are chemicals that can interfere with the body's endocrine or hormone system - the highly sensitive chemical messaging system the body uses to control different metabolic and developmental processes. Human and animal hormones regulate bodily functions such as metabolism, sexual development and growth. Hormones are released into the blood by various glands including the thyroid, ovaries and testicles.

Deciphering ingredient labels is difficult. They are hard to read and the ingredients are not well known. Here is a list of ingredients that are either safe or unsafe and may help you decipher the ingredients in your products. This list is excerpted from "Kanariefåglarna ryter".

                                   *carcinogens  **genotoxic

Acceptable preservativeas
Phenoxy ethanol, grapefuit seed extract, potassium sorbate, rosemary, scorbic acid and vitamins A, C and E.

In August 2010 a story broke about the amazing recovery of a New Zealand farmer from Swine Flu and subsequent leukemia. It is an amazing tribute to his family who refused to give up - despite the fact that they were told that he would never recover. When they were informed that his life support needed to be turned off they determined to find alternatives. They were given the suggestion to try intravenous C-vitamin treatmen. They met with a total lack of cooperation from the hospital staff but battled through.

During the autumn of 2009 the world was in the grip of swine flu pandemonium. Some people panicked because they couldn't get the vaccine fast enough while others were afraid of its side effects and preferred to take their chances without.

Flu vaccines can contain a number of chemical toxinsincluding ethylene glycol (antifreeze), formaldehyde, phenol (carbolic acid) and even antibiotics like Neomycin and streptomycin. In addition to the viruses and other additives, many vaccines also contain immune adjuvants like aluminium and squalene.

Most people who get sick never know if its caused by a bacteria or virus. Influenza statistics are therefore unlikely to be correct. The fear instilled by media coverage of swine flu or A/H1N1 is on the other hand increasing the numbers of reported flu cases. So what would normally be treated with a little extra rest and a few pain killers is turning into world statistics.

This is a letter to Irish MEP's from the founder and director of the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health, Richard Burton, Nutritionist, Nutritional Therapist and Acupuncturist.

Dear Irish MEP,

In my estimation, if the Food Supplement Directive (FSD) is adopted in or close to its current form, it will have the following impacts:

RESTRICTIVE VITAMIN supplement standards due to be set by the EU are to be re-examined following an Irish petition. The standards, introduced by EU directive, would restrict doses of vitamin D to the equivalent of that produced by 25 seconds of sunlight and prevent the sale of high-dose vitamin C products without prescription.

The EU food supplements directive was given the go-ahead in 2005. However, the maximum permitted levels of ingredients to be contained in supplements has not yet been set.