The search for safe light-bulbs

The search is on for energy-saving alternatives to the so called EU or CFL light-bulbs. Alternatives that don't harm the health of the producer or the user. Given time safer alternatives will naturally develop. Needless to say there are several alternatives in the pipe-line.


LED-lamps that use the same lamp socket as the lightbulbs we've been using up until now are now on the market The new lamps even give off a nice light - but this is not true of all LED lamps so make sure you like the light it provides before you stock up! has a big assortment of energy-saving LED-lightbulbs that provide the kind of lighting you are used to. Lightbulbs that can be used as a fitting substitute for all types of normal lightbulbs. Even spotlights that can be used instead of the fire hazardous halogen lamps. None of the lamps sold there contain lead or mercury and are environmentally friendly lighting alternatives. LED-lighting reduces your energy costs by hundreds of kilowatt hours. The website claims that if you use the lamps for 10 hours per day these LED-lamps will last for about 7 years. One drawback is that the website's language is Swedish. We have contacted them and suggested that they provide an English translation. Alternatively you can call them and explain what you are looking for.

Energy-saving incandescent alternatives

Other interesting research shows that major lighting companies are all working on new lighting technology, so incandescent ligthbulbs are not ready to make their exit yet! proposes that human life and health should be of primary importance when legislation is proposed to reduce carbon debt.


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