Protect me from harmful chemicals

Imagine if children could grow up without the thousands of tiny chemical substances that are present in our environment today.

Individually these chemicals may seem harmless as they don't kill outright. But daily exposure during a lifetime is now linked to infertility, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and hormone-related cancers. And even cognitive development of the brain.

This is not something we want to expose our children to. But despite attempts to ban the worst ones, many of these chemicals like EDCs (endocrine disrupting hormones) are still in use.
It seems that economic interests come first...

It's hard for us consumers to figure out what is harmful and what is not. But we shouldn't have to be chemists on order to shop!
This has to stop. We need practical tools that clarify the risks.

This is why Toxxscan is being produced by EnvirohealthMatters a non-profit organisation.
The Toxxscan service functions around a database where product ingredients and chemicals interrogate international research on chemical health risks.

Consumers can then check out a chemical on the internet and get easy to read, color-coded information to help you protect yourself and those you love.

Websites, appproducers, producers of products and governments can license Toxxscan's information and review a product list for health risks in order to clean up services.

We are fundraising for Toxxscan.

All contributions large or small are welcome. Crowdfunding continues till January 31st 2016, and continues on the website donations till we reach our goal of €50 000.

If you want to read more about Toxxscan you can download our info sheet. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
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Thank you for caring and contributing to cleaner living.

Ingrid Franzon